CJ7 Build Page 8

CJ7 Body Mounts
Figure 27

Figure 27. The body bushings were so rusty they had to be driven out with a screwdriver and a hammer. The frame body mounts themselves are fine with no real discernable rust or other damage to them. Unusual for a CJ7 from the Midwest.

CJ7 Gas Tank Removed
Figure 28

Figure 28. The gas tank has now been removed from the frame. We used a hydraulic scissor lift cart from Harbor Freight to support it while it was being unbolted. There are three bolts on the front crossmember and four on the rear crossmember. As you can also see in the photo, this Jeep has the rare 1986 dana 44 rear end. Another big plus discovered is that the rear axle has also been converted to the 2-1/2 inch YJ springs. They are 2-1/2 inch lift BDS Suspension springs.

CJ7 15 gallon gas tank
Figure 29

Figure 29. The old gas tank sitting on the lift cart. There was quite a bit more gas still in it than was expected, and it will need to be removed before the gas tank can be disposed of. This one is a 15 gallon unit, and will be replaced with an oem 20 gallon unit. Rags were stuffed in the larger openings to keep the workshop from smelling of gasoline, until it gets pumped out into a suitable container. We will not be re-using the skid for this tank, and it will be disposed of as well.

Rear CJ7 Bumper Removed
Figure 30

Figure 30. The rear crossmember bumper/cover has been removed and the rear crossmember is now exposed. This is another rust-prone area for the CJ7. This one is solid with no discernable damage except a little surface rust. This project has a very solid foundation to build this project on.