CJ7 Build Page 4

CJ7 Dash Removal
Figure 11

Figure 11. Started pulling the dash off. It had the horrible torx head bolts. Fortunately, they all came out. they will be replaced with hex button head screws. The wiring was a rats nest and has obviously been hacked together at some time in the past. Pulling this off also shows that this jeep was originaly purple, and not blue.

CJ7 fenders removed
Figure 12

Figure 12. Both fenders are now off. They came off pretty easily, compared to the dash and other items.

Diosconnecting the steering shaft
Figure 13

Figure 13. Prepariing to pull the steering column out. Loosen the clamp on the spline for the column and thoroughly spray it with penetrating oil or pb blaster. It will not come out easily, if it has been on there a long time. Disconnect the shifter linkage on an automatic equipped jeep as shown here.

Removing the steering column fasteners
Figure 14

Figure 14. Remove the nuts holding the column/firewall covers on, then remove the cover halves. These are pretty rusty, if new are available, they will be replaced.