CJ7 Build Page 3

Looking at the Rhino Lining on the CJ7 Tub
Figure 7

Figure 7. The underside of the body is also treated with Rhino Truck Bed Liner.

The CJ7 tub stored in the garage
Figure 8

Figure 8. The body is now safely stored inside the garage until such time as it can be swapped out with the rusted out steel tub.

Beginning the CJ7 tub tear down
Figure 9

Figure 9. Started tearing down the front end and tub. In this photo, the windshield, doors and hood have been removed. The bolts used on the hood hinges and the windshield frame hinges are torx flat head bolts. These bolts in the plainest language just suck. When everything is reassembled, they will be replaced with hex socket head screws. The torx screws round out far too easily and become a real pain to remove. Not one of Jeep's brighter ideas.

CJ7 Hood removed
Figure 10

Figure 10. The hood has been removed. There were two bolts in each hinge holding it to the cowl.