CJ7 Build Page 10

CJ7 brake lines removed
Figure 35

Figure 35. All the brake lines are now removed, and the drivers side motor mount has been taken off.

CJ7 motor mounts removed
Figure 36

Figure 36. The passenger side motor mount has now been removed. In the photo you can see a bracket on the frame that has a bump stop mounted on it for the axle. When installing the new engine mounts, this bracket will have to be removed. It is welded on and will need to be cut off with a saw or plasma cutter.

Front of CJ7 frame stripped
Figure 37

Figure 37. The front bumper has been taken off, along with the shock towers, and the steering gear. The sway bar and brackets was also removed. When removing the sway bar brackets, the rear bolt on the bottom of both brackets broke off in the frame. Not sure at this time what method we are going to use to get them out. We will avoid drilling a hole to get at the weld nuts as much as possible, but it might come to that to get the bolts out and replace the fastener in the frame. We would like to drill it out and use a rivet nut, but it all depends on how easy it will drill.

CJ7 frame stripped and ready for sandblasting
Figure 38

Figure 38. View from the rear looking towards the front. The frame is now completely stripped and ready to go to the sand blaster. The blasting company requested us to leave the axles on it so they can move it around easier.