CJ7 Build Page 21

Fill hoses and tank vents installed
Figure 79

Figure 79. The J5362158 Fuel Filler Hose and J5362159 Fuel Filler Vent Hose are installed. We now have to plumb the fuel lines, and the vent hoses. We also need to get clamps and fittings. Still not sure where we are going to mount the fuel pump yet though.

Rear shocks installed
Figure 80

Figure 80. Re-installed the rear shocks. When taking the jeep apart, it was discovered that the rear shocks had been installed upside down. Do not know why, but we put them back on with the correct orientation.

H1 Hummer steering gearbox for the CJ7
Figure 81

Figure 81. This jeep originally had a power steering gearbox on it. We wanted to keep that, but improve upon it. Research lead us to the SG062 unit from PSC, but the price tag for it was very high. We continued to look for alternatives, and came across several posts on various boards about using an H1 Remanufactured Gear Unit. This unit has the same variable ratio as the PSC unit, and a larger piston. While these are remanufactured units and not new like the PSC unit, we have not read any posts where someone did not like the upgrade. The price is also 1/3rd the cost of the PSC unit. They are not readily available anymore either, and took some looking to find one, but here it is. It bolts right up to the CJ7.

MORE HD Steeing mount for CJ7
Figure 82

Figure 82. Along with the H1 box, we are going to install the M.O.R.E. SB7686-1Z Heavy Duty Steering Box Mount. This bracket replaces the weak sheet metal brackets that the jeep originally used, as well as moving the steering gear 1-1/4 inch forward for better clearance. The bracket comes as raw metal, and we had it powercoated black satin. This is a very nice piece, thick and strong.