CJ7 Build Page 19

Clearance between Novak mounts and manifold
Figure 71

Figure 71. Something that comes up often on various boards and forums is how much clearance is there with C6 Corvette manifolds and the Novak mounts. As you can see here, there is plenty of clearance and the mounts on the engine are on the center hole, they could be moved back to gain even more clearance if need be. There is at least 1/2 inch on both sides of the engine with the center holes.

wrong gas tank strap
Figure 72

Figure 72. We bought what was advertised as a 20 gallon gas tank strap for a CJ7. As can plainly be seen, it is not. This strap is more than 10 inches too long, and is useless for use on the tank without heavy modifications.

Fixing the gas tank strap
Figure 73

Figure 73. A strap for a 15 gallon tank was purchased. It was still about 4 inches too long. We cut it off, then overlapped the cut pieces and drilled and bolted them together. Button head screws were used to give a low profile on the back side of the strap.

New strap fits the CJ7 gas tank
Figure 74

Figure 74. The modified 15 gallon strap now fits very well. It looks nice also. Now the gas tank installation can proceed.