CJ7 Build Page 27

Swagelok brake line fittings
Figure 103

Figure 103. The rear brake line is now finished. Swagelok fittings were used, so no flares were made in the tube. Swagelok fittings are rated for pressures far higher than most automotive brake flares. They will not come apart, and the tube will fail before the fittings do. They make running these brake lines much easier, and they look good too. A listing of the fittings used in this build will be in the parts list section at a later date.

Performance Accessories Lift Shackles
Figure 104

Figure 104. We found these 2-1/2 inch lift shackles in a box that came with the jeep. We will powder coat them, and install them on the jeep, you can't pass up free lift. We will replace the spring bushings at the same time. The front shackles are Performance Accessories (0283) Non-Greasable Shackle. The rear shackles are Performance Accessories (0293 Non-Greasable Shackle, currently discontinued.

Factory front spring shackles
Figure 105

Figure 105. These are the factory shackles on the front. Not very beefy, and probably prone to breakage. Not good.

Removing the factory shackles
Figure 106

Figure 106. Take the weight off the springs, be careful to support the vehicle with jackstands or something that will hold the weight of the vehicle for safety. Remove the nuts on the shackle bolts, and push the shackle bolts out.