CJ7 Build Page 2

Checking out  a Shell Valley CJ7 Fiberglass Tub
Figure 3

Figure 3. Since the body was in very bad shape, it was necessary to locate a new tub. The search took several months, but a fiberglass tub was located in the town where we live that was for sale. The unit has been rhino lined inside and underneath. The gentleman who this was purchased from did very good work. The photos here are from where it was when it was acquired. This body is from Shell Valley, and is the kevlar heavy duty version.

Inside of Shell Valley Fiberglass Tub
Figure 4

Figure 4. A new body mount kit has also been purchased from Shell Valley.

Bringing the Shell Valley Fiberglass Tub Home
Figure 5

Figure 5. The body is now brought home. It was put on its side on a couple furniture moving dollies, then strapped to them.

Rhino lined fiberglass CJ7 Tub
Figure 6

Figure 6. As can be seen here, the inside and bottom of the tub has been treated with Rhino Truck Bed Liner.