CJ7 Build Page 13

Eastwood After Blast was used
Figure 47

Figure 47. It is hard to tell the difference, but the frame here has been coated with Eastwood After Blast, this was done to keep it from rusting. The frame has turned from a whitish gray to a darker gray with the coating. We will not paint it now until the frame has been straightened.

Some rear frame dimensions
Figure 48

Figure 48. The measurement across the frame for the rear six body mounts is 43.5 inches. As seen here, the frame across this section is not bent and is where it is supposed to be. No straightening required here.

Bent frame dimensions
Figure 49

Figure 49. The measurment across the frame for the front body mount is supposed to be 37.84 inches. As you can see, it is now at 37. The passenger side rail will need to be pulled out 0.84 inches to bring it back into alignment with the rest of the frame.

CJ7 Frame pull set up
Figure 50

Figure 50. Setting up to do the pull. A 6x6 wood beam is used, and the strap is a 3 inch 30ft long recovery strap wound around the beam and frame as many times as possible. The 12 ton jacks are position at points where the frame is not bent. The straight edge rule is placed so we can see how much the frame is moving as the jacks are pumped up. The jacks are 12 ton cheapos bought from Harbor Freight.