CJ7 Build Page 12

GenRight Universal Transmission Crossmember
Figure 43

Figure 43. This is the GenRight Offroad Universal Transmission Crossmember. We are not going to use the stock skidplate so a transmission mount must be installed. This will allow the flat skidplate that will be installed to be dropped when needed without dropping the transmission. This is a weld together kit. The pieces are all cut very nicely and fit together decently. One of the outrigger tubes had a burr on the cut end that had to be filed off so it would fit in the center tube. It uses urethane bushings in the frame attachments. When the frame returns, this and the motor mounts will be installed before painting.

CJ7 frame has returned from sandblasting!
Figure 44

Figure 44. The chassis has returned from sandblasting. They did very nice work, not a lot of debris in the frame rails, and the metal is very clean.

A shot of the front of the CJ7 frame
Figure 45

Figure 45. Here is a shot of the front of the frame. You can see a spot they could not get one hundred percent clean during the blasting, on the driver side frame rail. This spot is where the factory shock mount bolts to the frame. The way it is designed, it traps debris and moisture against the frame, causing the damage you see here.

The CJ7 frame is bent!
Figure 46

Figure 46. In this image, some damage that was not noticed until now is visible. On the passenger side frame rail, the frame is pushed in about two and a half inches right at the front body mount. This was not good news. This will have to be fixed. We could buy a replacement frame, but then we would have to have it blasted, and it would cost as much to ship as the repair will cost. We are going to opt for having the frame straightened at a local body shop.