CJ7 Build Page 24

Checking clearances
Figure 91

Figure 91. Test fitting the transfer case and the crossmember. Clearance is very tight, might require a couple spacers between the transmission mount and the crossmember. the crossmember is as far down in the frame as it can go.

Crossmember tabs welded in.
Figure 92

Figure 92. The crossmember tabs are now final welded, and the frame repainted. They look real nice.

Final transfer case install
Figure 93

Figure 93. The transfer case has now been installed for the final time. It is clocked as flat as the Novak adapter will allow. We may have front driveshaft clearance problems, we do not know for sure yet. It is a tight fit though.

Another transfer case view
Figure 94

Figure 94. Another view of the transfer case install with the twin-stick shifter. The driveline brake will look real nice when it is finished.