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1986 CJ7 home
Figure 1

Figure 1. In 2015, I came across a 1986 CJ7 Jeep for sale, at a very reasonable price.The engine had been rebuilt, and had less than 10,000 miles on it, and the suspension was all new with a 2 inch lift. The downside is the body is extremely rusty. I purchased it, then sat down to make plans on what to do with it.

While the mechanicals of the CJ are sound, the body is too far gone to be saved.The photo above does not show it but the quarter panels on both sides are completely rotten, the floors are gone, and the lower part of both front fenders are rusted out.The upper door hinge mounts are also rusted out. It has an inline six engine with an automatic.

2002 Suburban 5.3L and 4L60E
Figure 2

Figure 2. After much reading on the web, it was decided to do a 5.3L v8 swap to it. This engine is a vortec L59 Flex-Fuel truck engine out of a 2002 Suburban, along with the 4L60E transmission. The suburban had 200,000 miles on it so this will be rebuilt to freshen it up, and maybe make a little more horsepower. The Novak Conversions motor mount kit was purchased to put this engine in the jeep. You can find this kit at Novak Conversions.

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