CJ7 Build Page 9

Removed Radiator and Grill on the CJ7
Figure 31

Figure 31. Drained the radiator of coolant and transmission fluid, then took out the single bolt holding the grill on the frame and removed both the radiator and grill.

Removed the radiator from the CJ7 grill
Figure 32

Figure 32. Took out the 4 bolts holding the radiator on the grill and removed it. Set them both aside for later.

Lifting out tthe CJ7 drivetrain
Figure 33

Figure 33. Removed the two nuts on the engine mounts with an 11/16 socket. Removed the three nuts holding the transmission mount holding it to the belly skid with an 11/16 socket. Lifted the engine, transmission, and transfer case out as a single unit. Here it is suspended in the air with the crane hoist.

CJ7 frame without engine
Figure 34

Figure 34. The frame empty of the engine and transmission. Now all the brake and fuel lines will be removed, as well as the engine mounts. The engine mounts will be replaced with the Novak LS engine mounts after the frame as been sandblasted. Every bracket that can be unbolted from the frame will be removed prior to taking in to be cleaned up.