CJ7 Build Page 16

Frame prepped with Weld Thru primer
Figure 59

Figure 59. The frame and the plate are coated with 3M 05917 Weld-Thru Coating II - 12.75 oz. on their mating surfaces, to keep rust from attacking them once they are welded together.

The reinforcing plates clamped on
Figure 60

Figure 60. The plate is clamped on and welding begins. Starting at the rear end of the plate, it will be done with a 2 inch weld, skipping 2 inches, then welding 2 more inches, and so on, until it is welded all the way around.

The easy way to paint the bottom of a CJ7 frame
Figure 61

Figure 61. The easy way to paint the bottom of the frame. It is being painted with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. The reinforcing plate was also welded on at the point where the frame was bent. While you cannot see it in this image, the frame metal is horrible to weld, it seems to have no end of contamination in it that causes the puddle to outgas causing holes in the bead. A real challenge.

The CJ7 frame painted
Figure 62

Figure 62. The frame is now completed with the first coat of paint. The Rust Encapsulator will cure for 24 hours, then will be top-coated with Eastwood Satin Extreme Chassis Black paint. The front differential will not be painted as it will be eventually be replaced down the road with a much stronger Dana 44 unit.