CJ7 Build Page 28

CJ7 Front Spring Bushings Removed
Figure 107

Figure 107. The spring shackles have been removed, along with the rubber bushings and metal spacers. We used some emory cloth to clean up the openings to polish them a little for the urethane bushings to go in.

CJ7 Energy Suspension Front Urethane Spring Bushings
Figure 108

Figure 108. The Energy Suspension Front Spring Bushings have been coated with a light application of grease as per the instructions, and installed in the spring eye and frame shackle eye.

CJ7 Front Shackles Powdercoated
Figure 109

Figure 109. The shackles have returned from powdercoating. The photo really does not do them justice, in sunlight they really shine, they are beautiful.

CJ7 Front Spring Shackles Installed
Figure 110

Figure 110. The powdercoated shackle is now installed on the vehicle. They really pop next to the black frame and spring. The contrast between the copper and the black is very nice.