CJ7 Build Page 22

Drilling mount hole in front crossmember
Figure 83

Figure 83. One of the first steps involved in the installation of the HD bracket is 1/2 hole must be drilled in the top of the crossmember. To get the position of the hole, you put the bracket on the top of the crossmember, then hold it down with bolts in the two normal bolt positions. you use the third bolt hole in the bracket to mark the position of the hole to drill. The bracket has a piece in the way of using a long pencil or marker. We dipped one of the bolts in line marking chalk, then put the bolt in the bracket and instant hole marked as seen here.

Mount hole drilled
Figure 84

Figure 84. Here the hole has been drilled and we are ready to install the bracket and steering gear. The instructions call for notching the crossmember where the hoses attach to the steering gear, but we are going to try an alternative that hopefully will allow us to hook up the hoses without notching the frame. That will be detailed at a later time.

Attaching steeing gearbox to the mount
Figure 85

Figure 85. Attach the steering gear to the bracket using the spacers and the supplied hardware that came with the kit. The bolts are torqued to 45ft lbs.

Bolting the steering gearbox to the crossmember
Figure 86

Figure 86. Now comes the fun part, you must wrestle the unit into position and start the bolts to attach it to the frame. It is fairly heavy and awkward to do alone. We had the use of a small scissor lift platform to hold it up while the top bolts were started. Only tighten them finger tight to this point.