CJ7 Build Page 7

Starting to remove the CJ7 tub
Figure 23

Figure 23. The body is now lifted up off the frame approximately 4 inches. 2 x 4's were placed under it as stand offs until it can be lifted off completely. This added clearance gave more room to unbolt the gas tank roll over check valves that are bolted up behind the rear driver side fender. The rear tire carrier is rusted out and is going to the junkyard with the body.

Wix 33737 Filter/Regulator
Figure 24

Figure 24. Here is the new fuel filter/regulator. You can see the part numbers for the filter/regulator and the fittings for it in the photo. The filter is Wix part number 33737, and the Russell Performance fittings are 640940 for the fuel-in fitting, 640863 for the 5/16 x 6AN fitting for the fuel return, and 640853 for the 3/8 x 6AN fuel line fitting.

Lifting off the CJ7 tub
Figure 25

Figure 25. The body lifted off the frame. We used two 2200lb twenty foot long recovery straps to lift it. As you can see, the roll bar and rear tire carrier are going with the body. They are rusted and heavily damaged. The roll bar will be replaced with a roll cage later. Lifting it like this made it very rear heavy, and required adjusting the lift point accordingly to get it to balance. The lifting unit is the Harbor Freight 2 ton folding crane. It lifted it easily with no problems at all.

CJ7 without tub
Figure 26

Figure 26. The frame with the body off. Everything except the springs, axles, and front steering are going to be removed from the frame to prepare it for the blasting shop. All the brake lines, fuel lines, e-brake cables are all going to be removed. The brake and fuel lines will be replaced anyway as they are old and rusty and we do not trust them with the new set up. The e-brake is going to be removed from the rear axle and relocated to the transfer case output, so that will require a new cable set up.