CJ7 Build Page 20

Bicycle tube tank strap cushion
Figure 75

Figure 75. For a cushion to use under the strap as insurance against rubbing a hole in the plastic tank, we took a 26 inch heavy duty bicycle tube and cut it in half and tucked it under the strap. It looks good and works very well, giving two layers of protection to the tank.

Tank and skid plate test fitting
Figure 76

Figure 76. The tank and skid plate was raised into position and bolted in. The new skid is very heavy, you will need a jack or a lift to get it up in there. We used stainless steel hardward, so if we have to take out later the screws will not be a rusted mess to get out.

Replacing plastic float with brass float on sending unit
Figure 77

Figure 77. The float on the replacement sending units that are available now have plastic floats on them. Various forums have lots of posts about how the plastic floats fail over time and fill with gas and no longer work. We replaced it with this brass float from a 65 Mustang. It fits perfectly, and is cheap.

Sending unit installed in the gas tank
Figure 78

Figure 78. The o-ring was put in then the sending unit set in the tank with the sock filter on the intake tube. The nut was then tightened down. The two grommets for the rollover check valves were lubricated with Windex (wonderful stuff), then placed in their holes. Sprayed down with Windex again, and the rollover check valves were inserted.