CJ7 Build Page 15

Test fitting the Novak LS motor mounts
Figure 55

Figure 55. Here the Novak Conversions motor mounts loosely bolted on for a trial fit. We did not use the hardware that came with them to bolt to the frame, as they did not seem very stout, they also will not be long enough after the reinforcing plates are added. New hardware was ordered from McMaster-Carr. They are 3/8-24 x 3inch grade 8 flange bolts, along with 3/8-24 grade 8 nylock flange nuts.

CJ7 body mount removed
Figure 56

Figure 56. The passenger side front body mount has been removed. The end of the reinforcing plate will cover this area, then the body mount will be welded back on. On this side of the fiberglass body, the hole for the mount is further back, so the body mount has to be moved anyway.

Reinforcing plate problems
Figure 57

Figure 57. The shackle hanger welded to the frame causes a fit issue with the reinforcing plate. A notch will have to be put in it to clear so it will fit up against the frame rail.

CJ7 front reinforcing plate notched
Figure 58

Figure 58. The plate is now notched to clear the shackle hanger. The plate for the other side will need to be notched for clearance also.