5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 5

4854-8 Guide Plates, 4554-16 Screw-in Rocker Studs, and 1675-16 Ultra Pro 1.8 Roller Rockers
Figure 17

Figure 17. Parts accumulation continues. These are Comp Cams 4854-8 Guide Plates for 5/16 Pushrods, 4554-16 3/8" Screw-in Rocker Studs, and 1675-16 Rocker Arms Ultra Pro Magnum 1.8 Ratio. The valvetrain needs to be bulletproof for later upgrades in the future.

Morel 5315 Lifters 12595365 Valve Lifter Guide and 12551163 Lifter Retainer Bolt
Figure 18

Figure 18. Here we have Morel 5315 Drop-in Lifters. We also have a set of 12595365 Valve Lifter Guide and the 12551163 Lifter Retainer Bolts that go with them.

Parts back from machining
Figure 19

Figure 19. Parts are back from the machine shop. Got my block, crankfshaft, heads, pistons, rods, flexplate, and other miscellaneous parts. The crankshaft has been turned down .010 on both the main journals and the connecting rod journals, and has been balanced.

The heads have had a valve job done, and have been surfaced for flatness. A broken exhuast bolt also had to be removed by the machine shop.

Block up on the engine stand
Figure 20

Figure 20. The block is now up on the 2000 lb Folding Engine Stand, and will be coated with WD-40 and bagged until i am ready to clean it and prepare for assembly.

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