5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 15

Lifters and lifter plate installed
Figure 57

Figure 57. The lifters have been inserted with the 12595365 Roller Lifter Guides , and the 12551163 LS Lifter Retainer Bolts were treated to a small drop of blue Loctite 242 Threadlocker. They are then torqued to 106 inch lbs. The 12577927 LS6 Lifter Valley Plate was also installed, with the ARP 134-8002 Valley Cover Bolt Kit, and torqued to 18ft lbs.

Cover installed with ARP 134-1502 Timing Cover Bolts
Figure 58

Figure 58. The 12561243 Front Cover Kit is also installed. The bolts are only hand tightened at this point, until the cover can be aligned with the block and the oil pan. The ARP 134-1502 12-Point Timing Cover Bolt Kit is used here.

Installing 12570326 Cylinder Head Dowels
Figure 59

Figure 59. The 12570326 Cylinder Head Dowels are installed. At this point, the holes for the head bolts need to be checked and cleaned. This engine block was brand new, and it still has gunk that looks like loctite in the threads, and they will have to be cleaned. A tool to do this will be purchased. We should have done this before installing the pistons, but we did it carefully and kept any dirt and debris out of the piston bores and the rest of the engine.

Test fitting the 12498544 Head Gaskets
Figure 60

Figure 60. Test fitting the 12498544 Head Gasket.

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