5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 20

Replacing the studs with ARP 134-1202 header bolts and the 12617944 eshaust manifold gasket
Figure 77

Figure 77. These engines are prone to breaking exhaust manifold bolts. We have replaced them with these M6 exhaust studs from a Ford engine. We were going to use ARP 134-1202 Header Bolts, but could not justify $130 dollars for them. These cost $8 for a pack of 8. You can see the 12617944 Exhaust Manifold Gasket here also.

C6 Corvette manifolds installed
Figure 78

Figure 78. The C6 Corvette manifold was painted with VHT SP102 FlameProof Coating Flat Black Paint and installed on the head. We may wrap them with a copper-colored heat wrap later. If you want to buy new ones, they are 12603760 Exhaust Manifold Right Handand the other side is 12603758 Exhaust Manifold Left Hand

Cleaning the 12638038 intake manifold
Figure 79

Figure 79. Getting the 12638038 Intake Manifold Assembly ready for installation. It is being cleaned here. This Trailblazer SS manifold will work really well, but these truck manifolds are ugly. Pondering different ways to pretty it up a little bit prior to installation.

Oil pump pickup bolt hole problem
Figure 80

Figure 80. The new Moroso 24050 Oil Pump Pickup will not fit over the ARP 234-5608 Main Studs, the bolt holes will have to be drilled out for clearance.

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