5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 19

installing the 8406-16 pushrods
Figure 73

Figure 73. Fill the 8406-16 Hi-Tech 5/16" Diameter 7.400" Length 0.105" Wall Pushrods with oil, then place them in the engine. Push the lifters down with the pushrods. Install the 1675-16 Rocker Arm 1.8 3/8 Ultra Pro Magnums with the poly locks only finger tight. They will be adjusted for lifter pre-load one at a time later.

the 213-363 Camshaft Sensor and 11588712 retainer bolt installed
Figure 74

Figure 74. The 213-363 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor and oil pressure sensor are installed. The retaining bolt for the camshaft sensor is an 11588712 M6 x 20 Bolt, torqued to 18ft lbs.

Update 2019: The oil pressure sensor was not needed and has since been removed. An adpater for a standard oil pressure gauge has been installed in its place. the adapter is needed as the sensor threads are metric, and the fittings for an oil pressure gauge are npt.

The 12560228 crankshaft sensor and 11588712 retainer bolt installed
Figure 75

Figure 75. The 12560228 213-354 24X Crankshaft Position Sensor is installed. The retaining bolt is an 11588712 M6 x 20 Bolt, torqued to 18ft lbs. The oil plug next to it is also installed.

The motor mounts from Novak installed
Figure 76

Figure 76. The motor mounts from the Novak kit are installed. These are put on before the exhaust manifolds are put on, as the top bolts will be difficult to get to after the manifolds are in place.

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