5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 21

Fitting the Moroso 22943 Windage Tray
Figure 81

Figure 81. The stock GM windage tray was giving all kinds of fitment issues with the new Moroso 24050 Oil Pump Pickup and Moroso 20143 Swap Road Race Oil Pan. Not to mention the fact that it had rust on it straight out of the box. We replaced it with the Moroso 22943 Windage Tray. All six bolt holes in this tray had to be drilled out to fit over the ARP main studs.

Install the oil pump pickup with the Improved Racing hold down clamp
Figure 82

Figure 82. The oil pump pickup tube is bolted in. The Improved Racing hold down clamp is also installed, to keep the pickup tube in place in case of very hard bouncing.

Windage tray and pickup installed
Figure 83

Figure 83. The windage tray and oil pump pickup final install.

Using the SacCityCorvette LS Timing Cover Alignment tool
Figure 84

Figure 84. Final install of the front cover. Here we are using the SacCityCorvette LS Timing Cover Alignment Tool & Seal Installer. This tool makes fitting the cover a breeze. The oil pan was installed to help with the alignment of the cover. The bolts are installed loose, then the two oil pan bolts are tightened to spec with the tool in the seal opening. The ARP 134-1502 12-Point Timing Cover Bolts are then tightened to spec. The oil pan bolts are then loosened and retightened, and the cover is done.

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