5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 2

5.3L engine teardown
Figure 5

Figure 5. The engine is now being torn down. A lot of problems found at each step of the tear down.

More 5.3L Engine teardown
Figure 6

Figure 6. This engine was heavily worn. After careful evaluation, the only useable part kept was the crankshaft. We were not able to use any other parts on this engine. Even the block was heavily worn.

Clevite H series .010 Main and Connecting Rod Bearings
Figure 7

Figure 7. Parts accumulation for the engine build continues with Clevite H series bearings, Clevite MS-2199H-10 Engine Crankshaft Main Bearing Set, .010 Over, and the same H series for the rod bearings, theClevite CB-663HN-10 Engine Connecting Rod Bearing Pair, .010 Over .

Miscellaneous LS parts and tools
Figure 8

Figure 8. Also purchased are miscellaneous parts for the block completion, such as an LS Block Plug Kit, 12570326 Cylinder Head Dowels and 1453658 Bell Housing Dowel Pins, and a Summit ring compressor, but a nice one is an ARP 899-7800 3.780" Tapered Ring Compressor.

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