5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 23

TBSS manifold all cleaned up
Figure 89

Figure 89. The manifold cleaned up better than expected, it looks brand new after cleaning it. We are going to leave it as is. The plastic was remarkably easy to clean. We initially took it to the car wash and used the degreaser soap, and hit it with high pressure water. That got most of the gunk off, then the rest was wiped off with a rag and isopropyl alcohol.

Test fitting the TBSS manifold
Figure 90

Figure 90. The manifold is put on the engine. A problem ran into with the bolts. The bolts from the old truck intake are too short and will not work with this manifold. This manifold was acquired from ebay and the 12575384 Intake Manifold Bolts were not with it. New ones have been ordered but will not be here for a few days. The dealer charges more than 10 dollars for these bolts, but you can find them online for less than 3 each.

217-1618 Throttle Body Seal
Figure 91

Figure 91. The old ACDelco 217-1618 (12576549) Throttle Body Seal was in good shape, it was cleaned and re-installed.

Warr Performance 92mm throttle body
Figure 92

Figure 92. The new throttle body was installed on the manifold. The fasteners were replaced with black socket button head screws which look much better to me.

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