5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 3

Gen III LS Front Cover
Figure 9

Figure 9. A new 12561243 LS Truck Front Cover should have been purchased. We bought a cheap one from Summit, and had some problems with it which will be detailed later. The timing cover will be painted with copper colored engine paint. .

Gen III LS 24X Crankshaft Sensor and bolt
Figure 10

Figure 10. A new ACDelco 213-354 (12560228) 24X Crankshaft Sensor and 11588712 bolt purchased, the old sensor was damaged.

Gen III LS Truck Windage Tray
Figure 11

Figure 11. A new GM 12558189 Windage Tray. Later on, this was not used, it did not work with the Moroso oil pan and pump pickup. If we had used a factory oil pan and accessories, this would have worked fine.

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