5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 4

12639250 Rear Block Cover
Figure 13

Figure 13. A new Summit rear block cover was bought, again, we should have bought the AC Delco unit, 12639250 Rear Block Cover. A tool for aligning the front and rear covers with the crankshaft will be purchased later, when needed.

12577927 LS6 Lifter Valley Plate
Figure 14

Figure 14. This is one departure from stock, this is the 12577927 LS6 Lifter Valley Plate, with the pcv orifice instead of a valve. The original cover was shot, and had a hole in it.

This will kill two birds with one stone, it will replace my bad cover and move the ugly pcv valve off the valve cover to where it will not be seen. The block may have to be ground for clearance, but that is a small price to pay, to never have to worry about a bad pcv valve.

12603758 and 12603760 Corvette C6 Exhaust Manifolds
Figure 15

Figure 15. The exhaust manifolds that will be used in the jeep are here. These are both new 12603758 Left Hand Exhaust Manifold, and 12603760 Right Hand Exhaust Manifold found on Ebay. These are used on the C6 Corvette. They were chosen because they have an opening in them for the O2 sensors, and they dump close to the center of the block which will help clear things from the jeep. There are several sites about jeep conversions using these successfully. The fact that these are new and unused is a bonus, and they are a stainless steel alloy which will prevent corrosion.

Figure 16
Figure 16

Figure 16. These are the heat shields that were on the manifolds, we are not going to use them, they will be discarded.

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