5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 24

Button head screws on the throttle body
Figure 93

Figure 93. Another view of the button head screws on the throttle body.

Test fitting with the old sensors
Figure 94

Figure 94. The old Idle Air Control (top of throttle body), was installed, along with the Throttle Position Sensor (bottom of throttle body), so that wiring can be done. They will be replaced with new units later.

Injectors and fuel rail re-installed
Figure 95

Figure 95. The injectors and fuel rail were also re-installed so that wiring can be done. These will also be replaced later. The old injectors are 29lb units, and may be a little lean for running E85. We are looking at replacing them with 46lb units.

More button head screws
Figure 96

Figure 96. The stock retaining bolts for the fuel rail were replaced with black socket button head screws.

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