5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 13

SLP 5500 Double-Roller Timing Chain Set
Figure 49

Figure 49. The SLP 55000 Double-Roller Timing Chain has keyways every two degrees on the crank sprocket. For this application we are going straight up at 0 degrees of timing. The crank is turned to top dead center on cylinder 1, and the 0 on the tooth becomes the timing mark to match for the cam sprocket.

Timing chain and ARP 134-1003 Cam Bolt Kit
Figure 50

Figure 50. The SLP 55000 Double-Roller Timing Chain installed. An ARP 134-1003 Cam Bolt Kit was used, and torqued to 25ft lbs. There is a torrington bearing behind the cam sprocket so that it doesn't wear into the retaining plate.

Oil gallery plug driven in
Figure 51

Figure 51. The oil gallery plug is driven in to just below flush with the face of the block.

SLP 55001 Oil Pump installed
Figure 52

Figure 52. The SLP 55001 Oil Pump is installed. Use a very light coat of rtv around the oil gallery hole, being careful not to get any in the hole itself. Lightly snug the bolts just a little more than finger tight. Turn your crankshaft 4 to 5 revolutions, and the pump will be aligned correctly. If you don't want to turn the crank, you can align it with shims also. Torque the bolts to 18ft lbs.

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