5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 10

Another piston going in
Figure 37

Figure 37. Here is piston number 2 going in. Position the crankshaft journal so it is as far away as possible, then insert the piston in the install tool and push it in, using your other hand to guide the connecting rod down onto the journal. Remember to put the Clevite 2800B-1 Vinyl Connecting Rod Bolt Covers on the bolts before inserting it into the piston bore.

Connecting rods installed.
Figure 38

Figure 38. Piston assemblies numbers 1 and 2 are now installed, they were checked with plastigage, then the rod bearings were lubed up and the caps re-installed and torqued down. The torque specification is 15ft lbs, then another 75 degrees. Before going this far, do not make the mistake I made of not looking at the rod bearings before installing these two. They are marked upper and lower, and we had them on backwards and had to change them around.

5.3L Short Block all assembled
Figure 39

Figure 39. All eight pistons are now installed in the block. Another milestone in assembly reached!

Figure 40
Figure 40

Figure 40. All the connecting rods have been checked. Lubricated with Clevite 77 2800B2 Bearing Guard, and torqued to specs.

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