5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 12

Brian Tooley Stage 2 Truck Cam
Figure 45

Figure 45. This is the new camshaft. It is a Brian Tooley Racing Stage 2 Truck Cam. This is probably the most aggressive cam to put in without putting a higher stall torque converter in the transmission. Calculated valve lift with this cam and the 1.8 ratio rockers is 0.585.

Installing the cam
Figure 46

Figure 46. Here is the cam going in, lubricate it thoroughly and go slow and carefully so the bearings do not get damaged during the install.

Cam almost in
Figure 47

Figure 47. Here is the cam almost all the way in. A couple long bolts from the local hardware store do the trick for a handle to maneuver it with as it is being placed in the block.

12589016 Camshaft Retainer Plate
Figure 48

Figure 48. 12589016 Camshaft Retainer Plate is now installed. The junk factory bolts were discarded after they rounded out at less than 18ft lbs of torque. These fasteners came from Fastenal and are grade 10.9, M8 x 25 flat head screws.

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