5.3L Engine Rebuild Page 16

Test fitting the 12639250 Rear Block Cover
Figure 61

Figure 61. Test fitting the head. The 12639250 Rear Block Cover is also placed in position, the bolts are hand tightened only at this point, same as for the front cover, until the cover an be aligned to the oil pan and crankshaft.

Test fitting the 12638038 Intake Manifold
Figure 62

Figure 62. Test fitting the 12638038 Intake Manifold Assembly to see what it will look like when mounted. This thing will move some air!

Comp Cams 26925-16 Springs, 713-16 Retainers, 4705-16 Spring Locaters and 511-16 Valve Seals
Figure 63

Figure 63. Changing the springs on the passenger side head to the Comp Cams 26925-16 1.320" O.D. Dual Valve Spring Set. One change from the original plan is using the 713-16 Steel Retainers instead of the titanium retainers. Cost was the major factor in that decision. The dual springs are a little overkill for the motor, but we wanted to have a strong valvetrain for future cam upgrades later.

Don't forget to install the 4705-16 Valve Spring I.D. Locators and the 511-16 Viton Valve Seals first, before installing the springs.

4854-8 pushrod guide plates, 4554-16 rocker studs, and 1675-16 Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rockers
Figure 64

Figure 64. All changed out with the 4854-8 5/16 Pushrod Guide Plates and 4554-16 Hi-Tech 3/8" Rocker Studs for the 1675-16 Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms. The studs are torqued to 22ft lbs.

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