Dana 300 Rebuild Page 11

Figure 41
Figure 041

Figure 041. The rotor is countersunk on the back side which fit the socket head bolts perfectly.

Figure 42
Figure 042

Figure 042. A problem has occurred with the caliper bracket for the parking brake. You can see in the photo that the bracket is at an angle. At first, we thought the bracket was bent wrong, but upon closer inspection, we discovered that the Advance Adapters housing has been cast very poorly. it is not the same thickness all the way around. It is thinner on the driver side than the passenger side, and thinner on the top than on the bottom. That is why the bracket does not fit right. We are going to have to hand fit the bracket and remove material from the housing where it makes contact with the bracket to make it line up with the rotor. We have an aluminum cutting burr coming to do this with. If we had known it was this bad, we would have went with the PartsMike kit instead of this one, as it mounts differently. No fault of High Angle Driveline, it is poor quality on the part of Advance Adapters.

Figure 43
Figure 043

Figure 043. While we are waiting for the cutter to finish the driveline brake, we undertook another task that needed doing on the transfer case. We cut the ears off for the factory shifter. With the case clocked flat, the ears would have hit the floorpan, and this will give us more clearance and access to the vss sensor on the Novak adapter.

Figure 44
Figure 044

Figure 044. The speedometer gear had been installed temporarily, but it will now be removed and a block off plate will be installed. We plan to use a speedometer that works off of GPS instead of a cable, to eliminate another cable hanging down underneath the vehicle.