Dana 300 Rebuild Page 5

Figure 17
Figure 017

Figure 017.The slider ring is put on, with the stamped numbers facing away from the large gear. Put some oil on the splined surfaces before putting it on.

Figure 18
Figure 018

Figure 018. Oil the shaft then put the small front output gear on the shaft. Make sure the slider ring engages easily.

Figure 19
Figure 019

Figure 019. The bearing on the front side of the shaft is now pressed on. The spacer ring is then put on. The fit of the bearing is a very light press fit, it can be put on easily with a piece of pipe and a hammer.

Figure 20
Figure 020

Figure 020. We now move to the rear output shaft. This is the Advance Adapters kit for the long Dana 300. It comes assembled, the shaft must be removed from the housing to install the large gear. Here we see the gear on the shaft. The gear is put in the case first, then the shaft is slid through it towards the rear.