Dana 300 Rebuild Page 7

Figure 25
Figure 025

Figure 025. The old input shaft is worn to far to be reused, a new one will have to be purchased. The seal journals are grooved, and the splines are heavily worn.

Figure 26
Figure 026

Figure 026. This is the new input shaft from Novak Conversions. Very nice piece, will work very well in the rebuilt transfer case.

Figure 27
Figure 027

Figure 027. Images were not taken of rebuilding the input shaft assembly, however information will be passed along. After initial assembly, the clearance between the input gear and the snap ring was too large, it needs to be .003 or less. Shims were added totalling .009 behind the bearing and the unit was reassembled. Silicone was used instead of the gasket, and each bolt was also dabbed with silicone to prevent leaks. The bolts are torqued to 10 ft lbs. Do not forget to lubricate the seal before assembly.

Figure 28
Figure 028

Figure 028. The old shift fork is damaged beyond usability. They do not make this in the aftermarket, nor is it available from the dealer anymore. This will have to be outsourced to ebay, or a used jeep parts company.