Dana 300 Rebuild Page 3

Figure 9
Figure 009

Figure 009. Remove the bolts holding the front input bearing retainer on, and carefully pry the retainer off. Once it starts to move it should come out easily.

Figure 10
Figure 010

Figure 010. Remove the bolts for the front output housing. It will take some wiggling to remove the housing as the shift rods must be slide out of the forks to get it out. It will come, but will take some finagling. Once it is out, also remove the shift forks.

Figure 11
Figure 011

Figure 011. Use the air hammer method to remove the front output shaft assembly, and the input shaft assembly. Neither of those will be reused so we are not concerned with damaging them, just getting them out. If damage to the shafts was a concern, we would press them out. Remove the bearing cover from the rear of the front output shaft.

Figure 12
Figure 012

Figure 012. The empty case looks to be in good shape with discernable cracks or other problems. This will be a good foundation for the transfer case for the jeep with 4:1 gears.