Dana 300 Rebuild Page 2

Figure 5
Figure 005

Figure 005. The easiest method to remove the intermediate shaft was found to be an air hammer with a blunted chisel bit. Since the old shaft will not be reused, we were not worried about damaging it, just getting it out. Worked like a charm. Be careful not to nick the shaft bore when driving it out.

Figure 6
Figure 006

Figure 006. Once the shaft was out, the intermediate gear came right out. be sure to get the rollers and washers that will fall out when the shaft and gear are pulled out. As you can see here, the thrust washers are heavily worn and will need to be replaced.

Figure 7
Figure 007

Figure 007. Here is a look at the old gears. You can see that the shifter areas are heavily worn. It is likely the shifter sliders will have to be replaced also.

Figure 8
Figure 008

Figure 008. Now that the shaft and gear is out of the way, we can get to the shifter fork set screws. Remove both of them. This is necessary to remove the front output housing and shifter rods.