Dana 300 Rebuild Page 6

Figure 21
Figure 021

Figure 021. The inner bearing is re-installed. The bearing just slips on.

Figure 22
Figure 022

Figure 022. The snap ring that positions the speedometer gear is installed.

Figure 23
Figure 023

Figure 023. The speedometer gear and the Advance Adapter Spacer Ring are now installed.

Figure 24
Figure 024

Figure 024. The outer housing is installed. The end play is preset from the factory, but it will be double checked later, just to be sure. Use silicone around the edges of the housing mating surface. Also, put a small dab of silicone on each bolt, as they go all the way through the side of the case and could potentially leak. As you can see here, there is no yoke yet, we will be installing a 1350 flange on here with a driveline brake when it arrives.