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Rear shocks installed
Figure 1

Figure 1. Re-installed the rear shocks. When taking the jeep apart, it was discovered that the rear shocks had been installed upside down. Do not know why, but we put them back on with the correct orientation.

Axle Bumpers re-installed
Figure 2

Figure 2. The J5355483 Cushion Bumpers are re-installed. The original backing plates were not usable. A set were procured from Ebay, as new ones are not available. They are not perfect, but they will work. The bolt holes were tapped out to clean out any rust and new grade 8 bolts were used to attach them.

Performance Accessories Lift Shackles
Figure 3

Figure 3. We found these 2-1/2 inch lift shackles in a box that came with the jeep. We will powder coat them, and install them on the jeep, you can't pass up free lift. We will replace the spring bushings at the same time. The front shackles are Performance Accessories (0283) Non-Greasable Shackle. The rear shackles are Performance Accessories (0293 Non-Greasable Shackle, currently discontinued.

Factory front spring shackles
Figure 4

Figure 4. These are the factory shackles on the front. Not very beefy, and probably prone to breakage. Not good.

Removing the factory shackles
Figure 5

Figure 5. Take the weight off the springs, be careful to support the vehicle with jackstands or something that will hold the weight of the vehicle for safety. Remove the nuts on the shackle bolts, and push the shackle bolts out.

CJ7 Front Spring Bushings Removed
Figure 6

Figure 6. The spring shackles have been removed, along with the rubber bushings and metal spacers. We used some emory cloth to clean up the openings to polish them a little for the urethane bushings to go in.

CJ7 Energy Suspension Front Urethane Spring Bushings
Figure 7

Figure 7. The Energy Suspension Front Spring Bushings have been coated with a light application of grease as per the instructions, and installed in the spring eye and frame shackle eye.

CJ7 Front Shackles Powdercoated
Figure 8

Figure 8. The shackles have returned from powdercoating. The photo really does not do them justice, in sunlight they really shine, they are beautiful.

CJ7 Front Spring Shackles Installed
Figure 9

Figure 9. The powdercoated shackle is now installed on the vehicle. They really pop next to the black frame and spring. The contrast between the copper and the black is very nice.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is how I did it. I strongly urge you to do your own research and make sure you do it right. No claim is made that the information provided is the only way it should be done, or that you should follow my work without verifying for yourself that it is correct. You are free to do as you choose with the information shared here, but you do so at your own risk.