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Brake System

Rear through frame brake fittings
Figure 1

Figure 1. The rear brake lines are being routed differently than the stock configuration. To keep things as clear as possible, the lines are being routed through the frame with the fittings shown here. These Stainless Thru-Frame Brake Line Fittings, 2-1/4-2-3/4 Inch were acquired from Speedway Motors, and are stainless steel with 1/8 female pipe threads on the inners side of the frame and 3AN on the wheel side of the frame for the brake hose. These are for the rear brakes, the front ones, Stainless Thru-Frame Brake Line Fittings, 1-1/2-2 Inch are narrower.

Removing axle mounted brake lines
Figure 2

Figure 2. All the old brake lines are being removed from the differential housing. This will keep them from damage and snagging on anything. It looks a lot cleaner too.

running brake lines on top of frame
Figure 3

Figure 3. The main brake line for the rear is run on top of the frame rail. Since there will be approximately one inch of body lift with the fiberglass tub, there will be more than enough room for the line. Gravel guard will be added later for the portions of the line that go around the shock and down on the gas tank crossmember. This is 1/4 inch stainless steel tube, we want to have plenty of brake fluid for the rear disc brakes.

Swagelok brake line fittings
Figure 4

Figure 4. The rear brake line is now finished. Swagelok fittings were used, so no flares were made in the tube. Swagelok fittings are rated for pressures far higher than most automotive brake flares. They will not come apart, and the tube will fail before the fittings do. They make running these brake lines much easier, and they look good too. A listing of the fittings used in this build will be in the parts list section at a later date.