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Collecting Parts

Wix 33737 Filter/Regulator
Figure 1

Figure 1. Here is the new fuel filter/regulator. You can see the part numbers for the filter/regulator and the fittings for it in the photo. The filter is Wix part number 33737, and the Russell Performance fittings are 640940 for the fuel-in fitting, 640863 for the 5/16 x 6AN fitting for the fuel return, and 640853 for the 3/8 x 6AN fuel line fitting.

Everlast I-Tig 201
Figure 2

Figure 2. The new welder for the fabrication that will be needed. This is an Everlast Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG welder 110v/220v dual voltage. Not the fanciest welder out there, but plenty sufficient for the needs of this project, and it is small and does not take up much space in the shop. The cart is from Harbor Freight. One of the reasons this particular welder was selected is that it has upslope and downslope, and pre and post flow. It is also 200 amp capable, which will weld anything we need on this project. It also has one other redeeming factor, it was less than half the cost of a comparable blue or red welder (and you all know who we mean by red and blue).

2019 update: While this welder really worked well, for my needs a MIG is better suited, and we have sold this unit and purchased a Harbor Freight Vulcan MigMax 215.