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Note: The build here is for a Gen III engine with a TBSS Intake and injectors.

PCM Connectors


Part #



15492640 PCM Connector 15492640 Micro-Pack 100W 80-way Female Connector Delphi
15354962 Dress Cover 15354962 Dress Cover Delphi
12176408 Blue Retainer 12176408 Retainer,Blue (2 required) Delphi
12176410 Red Retainer 12176410 Retainer,Red (2 required) Delphi
15358857 Green Retainer 15358857 Retainer,Green (2 required) Delphi
12084912 18ga Terminal 12084912 (15359002) Terminal,Female,18ga (replaced by 15359002) Delphi
12084913 20ga Terminal 12084913 (15359001) Terminal,Female,20ga (replaced by 15359001) Delphi
13544665 Cavity Plug 13544665 Cavity Plug,Light Blue Delphi
Red and Blue PCM Connector Set PCM Red & Blue Connector Set (no terminals)
Red PCM Connector Set PCM Red Connector with 12084913 20-22 ga Terminals
Green PCM Connector Set PCM Green Connector with 12084912 16-18ga Terminals
Blue PCM Connector Set PCM ECM Blue Connector with 12084912 16-18 ga Terminals
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