CJ7 Build Page 32

Old vs new captive nuts
Figure 123

Figure 123. A quick trip to the local hardware store got some 5/16 captive nuts with the right length. You can see the difference in length from the one at the top in the photo and the one at the bottom. The shorter ones look much better.

Cutting radiator bracket slots
Figure 124

Figure 124. The slots in the radiator brackets also appear to be for a different vehicle, as they were in the wrong place. Slapped them into the milling machine real quick and made them longer and now they work just fine for the radiator. The aluminum cuts very easily.

The radiator bolted in
Figure 125

Figure 125. The radiator is now bolted into the grill, along with the transmission oil cooler. You can slide it up and down with the t-nuts until it is positioned where it needs to be even with the top of the grill.

Installed radiator from the front
Figure 126

Figure 126. The installed cooling units from the front. They look very nice, and should perform well.