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Parts used in the 5.3L LS Build

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Note: The build here is for a Gen III engine with a TBSS Intake and injectors.

5.3L Parts


Part #



No Img Available N/A Boil Block Service Dave's Crankshaft Service
No Img Available N/A Turn Crankshaft .010 Dave's Crankshaft Service
No Img Available N/A Balance Crankshaft Dave's Crankshaft Service
No Img Available N/A Align Hone Main Bearing Bore Dave's Crankshaft Service
No Img Available N/A Valve Job Dave's Crankshaft Service
Summit 5.3L Iron LS Block No Longer Available Bare Iron 5.3L Engine Block Summit Racing
MS-2199H-10 Clevite H .010 Main Bearing Set MS-2199H-10 H .010 Main Bearing Set Clevite
CB-663HN-10 Clevite H .010 Rod Bearing Pair CB-663HN-10 H .010 Con Rod Bearing Pair Clevite
551280 ICT Billet Block Plug Kit 551280 LS Engine Block Plug Kit ICT Billet
12639250 Rear Cover 12639250 12639250 Rear Block Cover Chevrolet Performance
12561243 Front Cover 12561243 12561243 Front Cover Kit Chevrolet Performance
134-1502 12-Point Timing Cover Bolt Kit 134-1502 12-Point Timing Cover Bolt Kit ARP
12577927 LS6 Lifter Valley Cover 12577927 LS6 Lifter Valley Plate Upgrade Chevrolet Performance
134-8002 Valley Cover Bolt Kit 134-8002 Valley Cover Bolt Kit ARP
Brian Tooley Racing Stage 2 Truck Cam 31218132 Stage 2 Truck Cam 212/218 .553/.553 113+2 Brian Tooley Racing
213-354 (12560228) 24X Crankshaft Sensor 213-354 (12560228) 24X Crankshaft Position Sensor AC Delco
11588712 Crankshaft Sensor Retaining Bolt 11588712 Crank Sensor Retaining Bolt Chevrolet Performance
12589016 Camshaft Retainer Plate 12589016 Camshaft Retaining Plate AC Delco
11561455 Cam Retainer Bolt 11561455 Cam Retainer Bolt Chevrolet Performance
134-1003 Camshaft Sprocket Bolts 134-1003 Camshaft Sprocket Bolt Kit ARP
5315 Morel Lifters 5315 Morel Drop-in Lifters Morel
12551163 Lifter Retainer Bolt 12551163 Lifter Retainer Bolt Set GM Performance Parts
12595365 Roller Lifter Guide 12595365 Roller Lifter Guide GM Performance Parts
55000 SLP Double Roller Timing Chain Set 55000 Double Roller Timing Chain Set SLP
55001 SLP Oil Pump 55001 LS Oil Pump SLP
EGM-500 Oil Pump Pickup Hold Down Clamp EGM-500 LS Oil Pump Pickup Tube Brace/Girdle Improved Racing
22943 Moroso Windage Tray 22943 LS Windage Tray Moroso
20143 Moroso Baffled Oil Pan 20143 Baffled Oil Pan Moroso
24050 Moroso Oil Pump Pcikup 24050 Oil Pump Pickup Moroso
24261712 RH Flexplate Cover 24261712 Flexplate Cover, RH (Won't work with aftermarket oil pan) AC Delco
24261713 LH Flexplate Cover 24261713 Flexplate Cover LH (Won't work with aftermarket oil pan) AC Delco
1453658 Bell Housing Dowel Pin 1453658 Bell Housing Dowel Pin GM Performance Parts
12570326 Cylinder Head Dowels 12570326 Cylinder Head Dowels GM Performance Parts
1675-16 Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rocker Arms 1675-16 Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms 1.8 3/8 Stud Comp Cams
4854-8 5/16 Pushrod Guide Plate 4854-8 5/16 Pushrod Guide Plate Comp Cams
4554-16 3/8 Screw-In Rocker Arm Stud 4554-16 3/8 Screw-In Rocker Arm Stud Comp Cams
511-16 Viton Valve Stem Seal 511-16 Valve Stem Seal Viton .313X .562 Comp Cams
26925-16 Dual Valve Spring Set 26925-16 1.320" O.D. Dual Valve Spring Set .650 Lift Comp Cams
4705-16 Valve Spring Locators 4705-16 Valve Spring I.D. Locators .060 Thick Comp Cams
713-16 Steel Spring Retainers 713-16 Steel Spring Retainers Comp Cams
8406-16 5/16 x 7.4 x .105 Pushrods 8406-16 5/16" Dia 7.400" Length 0.105" Wall Pushrods Comp Cams
623-16 7 Degree Valve Locks 623-16 Machined Steel Race Locks, 7 degree Comp Cams
H1132CPA Sealed Power Piston H1132CPA Flat Top Std Piston Sealed Power
E-937K Sealed Power Piston Rings E-937K Premium Piston Rings Sealed Power
234-5608 ARP Main Stud Kit 234-5608 Main Stud Kit ARP
134-6006 ARP Cracked Rod Bolts 134-6006 Hi-Perf Cracked Rod Bolts ARP
12649190 Gen IV Connecting Rod 12649190 (12607475) Gen IV Floating Pin Connecting Rod GM Performance Parts
799 Remanufactured Cylinder Heads 12629058 799 Cylinder Heads, Remanfactured GM Performance Parts
134-3609 ARP Head Bolt Kit 134-3609 Pro Series Head Bolt Kit ARP
12498544 Head Gasket 12498544 Head Gasket AC Delco
141-256 Black LSX Valve Covers 141-256 Black LSX Valve Cover Pro Form
69520 Coil Bracket Kit 69520 Coil Bracket Kit Pro Form
TFS-306SB601 Trick Flow LS STeam Line Kit TFS-306SB601 LS Steam Line Kit Trick Flow Specialties
19300488 Crankshaft Balancer Pulley 19300488 Crankshaft Balancer Pulley AC Delco
234-2503 ARP Harmonic Balancer Bolt 234-2503 Harmonic Balancer Bolt ARP
19195104 Water Pump Kit 19195104 Water Pump Kit AC Delco
12600172 Thermostat and Housing 12600172 Thermostat Housing - 2 Piece AC Delco
12609719 Drive Belt Tensioner 12609719 Drive Belt Tensioner AC Delco
12580771 Drive Belt Idler Pulley 12580771 Drive Belt Idler Pulley AC Delco
12603758 LH Exhaust Manifold 12603758 C6 Corvette Exhaust Manifold Left Hand AC Delco
12603760 RH Exhaust Manifold 12603760 C6 Corvette Exhaust Manifold Right Hand AC Delco
12617944 Exhaust Manifold Gasket 12617944 Exhaust Manifold Gasket AC Delco
61431 Exhaust Flange Gasket 61431 Exhaust Flange Gasket,2-1/2,2-Bolt Fel-Pro
17113598 Idle Air Control Valve 17113598 Idle Air Control Valve AC Delco
213-912 Throttle Position Sensor 213-912 (17123852) Throttle Position Sensor AC Delco
Intake Manifold Gasket Kit 89060413 Intake Manifold Gasket Kit AC Delco
AF10043 Mass Air Flow Sensor AF10043 (19330121) Mass Air Flow Sensor Delphi
213-4514 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 213-4514 (19236568) Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor AC Delco
213-363 Camshaft Position Sensor 213-363 (12561211) Camshaft Position Sensor AC Delco
213-3521 Ignition Knock Sensor 213-3521 (12589867) Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor AC Delco
12601822 Knock Sensor Harness 12601822 Knock Sensor Harness AC Delco
213-1325 Case Ground Heated Oxygen Sensor 213-1325 Case Ground Heated Oxygen Sensor AC Delco
134-1202 ARP Header Bolt Kit 134-1202 Header Bolt Kit ARP
SDR0070 Engine Starter SDR0070 Engine Starter DB Electrical
7397-4PK NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs 7397-4PK TR5IX Iridium IX Spark Plug, Pack of 4 NGK
39849 MSD Spark PLug Wire Set 39849 8.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set MSD
12602448 Flexplate 12602448 GM LS Flexplate AC Delco
244-2901 ARP Flex Plate Bolt Set 244-2901 Flex Plate Bolt Kit ARP
30462-8 FAST 46lb Fuel Injectors 30462-8 Precision-Flow 46 lb/hr Fuel Injector Set FAST
X1220217 Lokar Black Engine Dipstick X1220217 Anchor-Tight Black Braided Engine Dipstick Lokar
12638038 Intake Manifold Assembly 12638038 Intake Manifold Assembly AC Delco
97941 Spectre 110 Degree Intake Coupler 97941 110 Degree Intake Coupler Spectre Performance
9709 4in X 4in Aluminum Intake Tube 9709 4in Straight Aluminum Intake Tube Spectre Performance
9704 4in Hose Clamps 9704 4in Hose Clamps - Pair Spectre Performance
660433 Russell 4AN x 1/4mnpt Adapter 660433 Black -4 AN to 1/4 NPT Adapter Russell Perfomance
21615 Gates Radiator Hose 21615 Lower Radiator Hose Gates
22373 Gates Radiator Hose 22373 Upper Radiator Hose Gates
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